Shareholder Sales

Renatus Case Study 

In 2023, Renatus offered a shareholder sale solution to an exiting international partner and also allowed Patrick Doyle to sell down some of his shareholdings and remain actively involved in the business and a key driver during W.H. Scott’s next phase of strategic growth.

Shareholder Sales explained:

  • A shareholder sale is a transaction where an individual or group of shareholders within a company sells all or a portion of their equity stake to external parties.
  • This process allows shareholders to liquidate their investments, capture their equity’s value, and may also facilitate changes in the ownership structure of a company.

Key components of Shareholder Sales:

  1. Equity Transfer: Shareholder sales involve the transfer of ownership stakes, which may include common shares, preferred shares, or other forms of equity in the company.

  2. Valuation and Negotiation: The price and terms of the sale are typically determined through valuation processes and negotiations between the selling shareholders and potential buyers.

  3. Ownership Changes: Depending on the circumstances, shareholder sales can result in changes to the company’s ownership structure, including the introduction of new investors or changes in control.

At Renatus, Shareholder Sales has become a popular solution for businesses for an array of reasons. Speak with a member of our team today to learn more.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the tax you pay on any profit you make when you dispose of a business asset. Qualifying businesses are all businesses other than those involved in the holding of securities or other assets as investments, the holding of development land and the development or letting of land.  

Qualifying business assets are shares held by an individual in a trading company and assets. owned by a sole trader and used in their trade.

The current rate of CGT in Ireland is 33%. This is a significant figure thus it is important that you take advantage of all possible reliefs to minimise your tax burden. Renatus can help you manage this solution.

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