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Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

Private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) are both forms of investment that involve injecting capital into businesses, however there are a number of key differences as outlined below:

Stage of Investment:

  •         VC focuses on early-stage companies, typically startups that are in the early phases of development.
  •         PE targets mature companies that are usually beyond the startup phase and are looking for capital to fund growth.

Company Size:

  •         VC investments are generally made in smaller companies with high-growth potential.
  •         PE investments are made in larger, more established companies with a proven track record.

Risk & Return:

  •         VC investments carry higher risk but also offer the potential for significant returns if the company becomes successful and experiences substantial growth.
  •         PE investments carry less risk and whilst returns may be more modest are still highly attractive.

Time Horizon:

  •         VC investments often have a longer time horizon (10-12 years) before they mature and provide returns due to the early stage of the companies and the time required for them to achieve significant growth.

·         PE firms generally have a shorter time horizon (5-7 years).

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