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In December 2017, Renatus partnered with the existing management team to complete a Management Buy-Out of Rennicks from its parent company, Fitzwilton Group. Renatus supported the Managing Director, Michael Flanagan, and Finance Director, Dolores Nevin in their acquisition of the business.


Renatus supported Michael Flanagan and Dolores Nevin in funding the management buyout of the Rennicks Group as well as leading the MBO team through the negotiation processwith the Vendor and the Bank as part of the acquisition.

Renatus tapped their network for a globally experienced HR team. This team conducted a root and branch review of the business that ensured staff retention and led to the appointment of CEOs for both of the Group’s businesses, one of which is Mike’s successor.

Renatus’ Director’s have provided external strategic assistance on the development of new product initiatives, new supply relationships and entry into new markets.


“Renatus were clear and detailed from the outset about what our agreement would be. Renatus never moved the goal posts once, great partners in negotiations with both banks and vendors. This was of huge comfort as I had only one shot at an MBO and the guys supported this and helped me realise my dream of owning the company I’ve run for 35 years. They have been supportive in many ways since we acquired the business and we are enjoying the journey with them.”

Michael Flanagan, Rennicks MD / MBO Partner

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