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How Private Equity Creates Value

Why Private Equity?

Private equity firms create value for their partner companies through a combination of strategic, operational, and financial actions.

Operational Improvements: This includes measures such as process streamlining, supply chain optimisation, increased manufacturing productivity, and general productivity improvement may all be part of this.

Cost Rationalisation: This might involve consolidating operations, renegotiating supplier contracts, or implementing more efficient resource allocation.

Strategic Initiatives: This can entail entering new markets, introducing new goods or services, looking into global possibilities, or making acquisitions to bolster and complement the business’s operations.

Management Expertise: For example, private equity firms can help bring in experienced professionals and industry experts to work alongside the existing management team.

Financial Engineering: They can also help optimize the company’s capital structure by refinancing existing debt, securing more favourable credit terms, or raising additional financing to support growth initiatives.

Sales and Marketing Enhancements: This may entail rebranding, enlarging the distribution network, starting focused marketing initiatives, and enhancing customer relationship management.

Governance and Reporting: This involves establishing better reporting systems, enhancing financial controls, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Renatus specific value-adds:

  1. Renatus is backed by a collective of self-made entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective industries, passionate about business and love to work with and share their experience with our partners.
  2. We have access to a pool of co-investing experts across a diverse range of industries. This pool can be tapped to strengthen the board with individuals that have extensive industry experience and are deeply passionate about the industry.
  3. We have a network of top-class talent across the various functional areas of a business. If a gap exists, this talent can be “plugged in” as a part-time/full-time executive or as a non-executive to boost business performance.
  4. Having spent many years in advisory & operational roles, each of Renatus’ Directors brings with them a unique blend of strategic, commercial and operational expertise to our partner companies that significantly enhance strategy formulation and decision-making.
  5. We act as an in-house corporate finance & consulting team for our partners, providing thorough market research, strategy review & assisting in its formulation as well as evaluating and executing potential bolt-on acquisitions and negotiating with banks.

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