Growth Capital

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  • Growth capital is one of Renatus’s most popular solutions and sits at the intersection of private equity and venture capital.
  • It is usually a minority investment, in relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business.
  • CRS cold storage, Kappture, Tipperary Crystal, Irish Rollforming and Herdwatch are examples of Renatus portfolio companies benefitting from our supportive growth capital solutions. 

Growth Capital explained

Growth Capital (or Financing) refers to when a company uses debt, equity or a combination of both in order to pursue growth opportunities and achieve expansion.

Such growth can be achieved through expanding operations, entering new markets, developing new products, or enhancing infrastructure. Growth financing can come from various sources, such as;

  • private equity firms
  • venture capital firms
  • angel investors
  • traditional lenders

Key components;

  1. Equity or Debt Financing: Growth capital can be acquired through equity investments, where investors receive ownership stakes, or debt financing, which involves borrowing capital that must be repaid with interest.

  2. Strategic Funding: It’s designed to fuel strategic initiatives such as market expansion, product development, sales and marketing efforts, acquisitions, or infrastructure development.

  3. Scalability: The ultimate goal of growth capital is to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory, increase market share, and enhance competitiveness.

Growth capital is the engine that powers expansion, innovation, and market leadership. Whether you’re an established company looking to break into new horizons, or an entrepreneur with grand ambitions, speak with a private equity firm, such as Renatus, to explore growth capital options that can pave the way for your business aspirations.

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