What is Growth Funding?

Growth capital is a type of private equity investment. It is usually a minority investment, in relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business.

Why Growth Funding?

Growth-stage Private Equity sits at the intersection of private equity and venture capital. Renatus typically makes investments in Irish and UK companies with enterprise values of €5 million and above, providing an equity investment of €2 million or more, in exchange for either a minority or majority stake in the target company.


Renatus typically makes investments in Irish and UK companies with enterprise values of €5 million and above, providing equity investment of €2 million or more.

We partner with ambitious management teams and great companies to provide solutions for:


Succession Solutions


Buyouts / Buy-Ins


Funding for
Organic Growth


Acquisition Funding


Shareholder Sales



We make quick and timely investment decisions and have the capability to quickly move through the deal execution process.


We facilitate growth and create value by focusing on the areas where we can make the greatest contribution, these are set out below.

Renatus is backed by a collective of self-made entrepreneurs who are
experts in their respective industries, passionate about business and
love to work with and share their experience with our partners.

We have access to a pool of co-investing experts across a diverse
range of industries. This pool can be tapped to strengthen the board
with individuals that have extensive industry experience and are
deeply passionate about the industry.

We have a network of top-class talent across the various
functional areas of a business. If a gap exists, this talent can be
“plugged in” as a part-time/full-time executive or as a non-executive
to boost business performance

Having spent many years in advisory & operational roles, each of
Renatus’ Directors brings with them a unique blend of strategic,
commercial and operational expertise to our partner companies that
significantly enhance strategy formulation and decision-making

We act as an In-house corporate finance & consulting team for our
partners, providing thorough market research, strategy review &
assisting in its formulation as well as evaluating and executing
potential bolt-on acquisitions and negotiating with banks.

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    Entrepreneurs Club of Investors
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    Pool of Co-Investing Experts
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    Network of top-class Talent
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    Operational and Strategic Expertise
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    In-House Corporate Finance & Consulting Team


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