Our approach to value creation

What type of investments do Renatus make and how do they operate? Our team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step of your investment journey.

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Accredited supplier to medical and pharma

Accredited supplier to medical and pharma

B2B tech

B2B tech

Market leaders

Market leaders

Our Investment Criteria

Renatus partners with companies in a variety of industries, however, we focus on the below criteria.

Companies with €1m+ EBITDA or B2B SaaS companies with ARR of €2m+

Irish and UK companies with ambitious growth plans

We invest €5m+ of equity into SMEs with strong growth prospects

We make minority or majority investments, using a range of deal
structures. Our target holding period is 3-7 years

Investment Solutions


Growth Capital

Are you expanding operations, entering new markets, or developing new products? This growth can be backed by Renatus.


Management buy-outs

A Management Buy-out (MBO) is a transaction where a company’s management team purchases the assets and operations of the business they manage. A Management Buy-out is the opposite of a Management Buy-in, where an external management team acquires a company and replaces the existing management.


Management buy-ins

A management buy-in (MBI) occurs when an outside manager or management team purchases a controlling ownership stake in an outside company and replaces its existing management team.


Succession Solutions

Renatus can help find talent to fill leadership roles within a company when current employees move to another role, leave the business or retire.


Bolt-on Acquisition Funding

You may see a growth opportunity within your sector and want to acquire a competitor. Renatus can facilitate this financing, as well as guide you through the acquisition process.


Shareholder Sales

Looking to monetise your success but stay involved in the business? Renatus can facilitate this option for you. 


Why Work With Us

Proven investment professionals

People choose Renatus due to our experience. Trust runs through everything we do; the journey is informed and focused.

Our investors

We are backed by self-made entrepreneurs who want to support. We share this network of entrepreneurs and investors with our partners.

We deliver on our promises

We take a hands-on approach when needed in the boardroom or when making decisions around key talent. We’re also hands-off when not needed.

Our promise



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